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Most people are lucky if they get 1 or 2% on their money from banks! The wealthy know how to get 500%+ on their money which is a big difference. We will show you how to achieve above average returns starting from as little as £10.

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One of the easiest ways to build wealth is by trading CFD or the Forex Market. Unfortunately it’s also one of the quickest ways to lose all of your money if you don’t know what you are doing.
Fortunately for us there are some professional traders who will trade for us Read More


Here you will find a ton of resources to get you started on your journey to becoming very wealthy. Resources will be added on a daily basis so please come back often to see what we have found for you!

One to One

Do you want to mirror and investment style that generates a fantastic return month after month not just for myself but other clients as well?
This fast track to wealth consists of a 1 hour one on one session using Skype or a phone call followed up by a 15 min review every month for a year More

 My Story

My Story

He was born in Hull and educated in Surrey, England He spent ten years in the British Army (REME) as an Electrical Engineer, with postings in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Northern Ireland. During his time in Northern Ireland he was seconded to Military Intelligence and was awarded the GSM. After leaving military service he studied NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis and became a master practioner in all three disciplines under David Shepard and Tad James. John founded “Millionaires in the Making” after countless hours counselling clients whose number one priority was to make more money! The majority of clients had conflicting beliefs about being wealthy and having more money, once these beliefs were cleared up the client’s wealth grew exponentially. It is his aim through this website to help even more people change their beliefs regarding money. He is 56 years old, engaged to the gorgeous Joanne and has three grown up children and two delightful Grandchildren.

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    Hi and welcome to my blog, it is a work in progress that focuses on high rates of returns for the average person and changing the mind set of people regarding wealth, please look out for more content coming very soon

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